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When it started, I was mildly confused about the typewriter bit, but I'm going to assume hat it will be explained more in later chapter...


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So... Definitely doing a collection of these. Lemme know if you've got any suggestions. 

One of these days I'll be able to think ahead, and do them at different angles, instead of all straight on.

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No One Will Hear You Scream

 Hermione trudged her way through the week, the workload of their first week back seeming nearly intolerable. She’d do fine on her own, but she kept offering to proofread, and basically rewrite
Harry’s homework as well. Ron hadn’t spoken to her since she had admitted to her friends that she and Draco were now together. The thought still gave her tingles.
 It’d been an awkward beginning, unsure, and apprehensive. They’d been uncomfortable being watched by their peers as the walked to class together, talked in the halls, and ignored each other’s friends. Crabbe and Goyle didn’t seem to care that the pair were dating, still sticking by Draco in the halls, and at meals. She’d even witnessed Goyle smile at her in passing. Ron refused to look at her, his own girlfriend seeming like an octopus, even more firmly attached than usual as Ron seemed in a perpetual bad mood. Harry had been livid at first, refusing to believe that Malfoy had changed, but as the week progressed, he’d become less hostile, and more ambivalent toward the presence of his enemy. He seemed to be taking the philosophy of see-no-evil literally, pretending Malfoy didn’t even exist. Ginny was the only one who seemed to be willing to try being friendly toward Malfoy, in her own way. She wasn’t as chummy with him as she was with Harry, but she wasn’t ignoring him, or threatening to hex him, which Hermione saw as a sign of improvement. Pansy had tried hexing her at least twice more, only to end up with detention for a month.
 Hermione had found that with her and Draco’s relationship in the open, it was much harder to sneak off unnoticed. By friday, most of the whispers had quieted, but eyes still followed the pair when they were together. Hermione did her best to ignore it, while Malfoy threatened to dock points from anyone who he caught staring too long. His way had seemed to work better so far, but she was loathe to admit it aloud.
 Friday evening, after dinner, she made her way up the stairs toward McGonagall’s office, dragging her feet as she went, more from the company she knew she’d have to suffer than the detention itself.
 When they’d all arrived at the office, McGonagall stood from her desk, and walked around it, her footsteps sharp on the stone floor, her face stern.
 “Tonight’s detentions will be served together.” She announced, to the groaning of nearly everyone present. Hermione was the only one who held her composure, waiting for the task they’d be set.
 “Since you all think yourselves capable enough witches and wizards to cast jinxes freely, you’ll be assisting Hagrid with some work in the forest this evening.” She said, gesturing behind the quintet of students. They all turned to see Hagrid standing in the doorway, bundled in his warm moleskin coat.
 “I’ll give ye all a chance ter get yer cloaks an’ whatnot, and we’ll be meetin’ in the Entrance Hall in fifteen minutes.” He grumbled, looking the students over, and giving Hermione and Ginny a small smile. The students filed silently from the room under the stern gaze of Professor McGonagall, and went to fetch their winter cloaks. Ginny and Hermione wondered all the way up and back down the stairs what they’d be doing in the forest. Neither could decide what was most likely.
 When they regrouped in the Entrance Hall, Hagrid bid them follow, and they all filed down the stairs to the castle grounds, walking past Hagrid’s hut, and to the edge of the forest. They all stopped, and Hagrid gestured to a few cages lined up along the ground.
 “Ye’ll be workin’ in pairs to catch Night Sprites,” he announced,  gesturing to the cages. “I’ll be usin’ ‘em with the firs’ years, so catch as many as ya can, ‘cause I expec’ quite a few of ‘em ter get away.” He said, and pulled a bit of parchment from his breast pocket.
 “Professor McGonagall has given me a list of pairs, since she doesn’ trust you lot not ter try cursing each others’ ears off if left alone. Now then;” he said, eyeing them all as Pansy opened her mouth to argue, cutting her off. “Parkinson and McLaggen will work tergether, Malfoy and Granger together, an’ Weasley’s with me, since she’s the youngest.” He folded the parchment back up, put it in his pocket, and eyed the group of students.
 “I expec’ each o’ you lot back here in an hour, with a cage full o’ sprites,” He gave each a hard look. “If anyone gets hexed, it’s another detention fer everyone, so I suggest you stick ter yer own pairs.” He growled, eyeing McLaggen and Malfoy sternly. “Now, if anyone gets inter trouble, shoot up red sparks, wait there, and I’ll come to ya.” He grabbed a cage, and strolled into the forest, Ginny on his heels at nearly a run, trying to keep up. Hermione grabbed another of the cages, and followed suit, following the path into the dark trees.
 “Talk about lucky.” Draco drawled from behind her, his voice right in her ear.
 “We’re supposed to be catching sprites, not messing around.” Hermione chastised him, feeling her heart racing in the darkness, with him so close.
 “And what about what you said, Granger? How am I supposed to ‘fuck you like a dirty little secret’ when we’re never alone?” His words made her blush, and she spun around, shoving the cage into his hands.
 “I only said that to get a rise out of you.” She huffed, stalking farther into the forest, keeping an eye out for the soft glowing of Night Sprites.
 “It worked.” His voice held the innuendo of her words, and she walked faster, trying to ignore the pulsing heat in her veins. She couldn’t afford to be distracted by him, arousal or no.
 “I haven’t told my father about us, yet.” Draco admitted abruptly into the still forest air.
 “I’m… I’m worried he’ll disown me.”
 “Does your mother know?” Hermione asked, reading into his choice of words.
 “Yes. I sent her a letter, but asked her not to tell father.”
 “Could she help talk sense to him?” Hermione asked.
 “I’m sure she’d try, but my father is pretty single-minded about mud-muggleborns.” He said, catching himself before the insult finished. Hermione smiled to herself, her heart clenching with pride as he made an effort to improve.
 “Well, if he’s so unreasonable, why not just leave?” Hermione asked, attempting to understand the intricacies of the Malfoy family.
 “I have nowhere to go. And if he disowns me, I’ll have no money, no home, no name… Nothing.” She turned around, stopping him in his tracks, and taking the cage from him, setting it on the ground.
 “You’d still have your mother. And your friends. And you could earn money, like everyone else.” She tried to encourage him, but he just shook his head.
 “Doing what? I can’t do anything. I’ve never worked. I’ve never cleaned my own clothes, or cooked my own food. I’m useless without my family name.” He said, looking down into her eyes. She could see the hopeless expression on his face, and pulled him to her, hugging him tightly.
 “You’re not useless.” She argued. “You’re smart. You’re handsome. You’re cunning. People have started with less.” She said, pulling away from the hug, and looking up into his dark grey eyes.
 “The Malfoy name can’t be that crippling.” She poked him in the ribs, and he smiled back, his hands stroking at her hair, and arms.
 “You know, you’re probably the only witch I’ve dated that hasn’t asked how rich I am…” He said, looking down at her appraisingly. “And on top of that, you’re encouraging me to just give it all up. Aren’t you even the least bit curious how much I’d be walking away from?”
 “Not really.” Hermione lied, his words sparking an unquenchable need to know. It was the same need she got when she saw the title of an intriguing book, and just had to see what was inside.
 “I’m not interested in your money, Malfoy.” She admitted, glancing him up and down suggestively.
 “I know.” He said with a smile, pulling her closer to him, and pressing her back into a tree, tilting his head down to kiss her. He let a week’s worth of pent up tension and arousal out, kissing her roughly, biting at her lip, and pressing his thigh between her legs, just where he knew she must be burning.
 “Ahem.” The gruff cough caught their attention, and they jerked apart, staring guiltily around at Hagrid. Ginny was jogging up behind him, her face flushed from running after him. Hagrid’s hand gripped a cage full of Night Sprites, and what she could see of his face through his bushy beard looked ruddy with embarrassment.
 “Not caught many sprites, eh?” Hagrid grumbled, gesturing to their empty cage.
 “No, sorry, haven’t seen any. Lots where you were?” Draco asked nonchalantly, nodding toward Hagrid’s full cage.
 “I know where they like to hide.” Hagrid shrugged.
 “Not that you two were doing much looking…” Ginny popped into the conversation, still huffing for breath.
 “We were looking!” Hermione argued. “We only kissed the once!” She said, her face heating again.
 “It’s true, there weren’t any Night Sprites around here that we missed.” Draco drawled, picking up the cage.
 “Then ye’d better look elsewhere.” Hagrid growled, pointing to the trees. Ginny was grinning at Hermione’s embarrassment, but said nothing, only waggling her eyebrows a few times before jogging after Hagrid, back toward the edge of the forest.
 “Come on, we’d better find some bloody sprites, or we’ll probably earn another detention.” Draco growled, grabbing Hermione’s hand, and pulling her with him into the forest. He seemed determined to get all the way through the forest before stopping, and Hermione finally pulled him to a halt, panting for air.
 “Where are you going, Draco, the north pole?” She asked, eyeing him suspiciously.
 “Deeper. Clearly there’s no sprites out here, so we have to go deeper.” he said, shrugging. Then let a wicked smile split his face. “So deep, that no one will hear you scream.”
 She looked into his face, feeling her lungs burning, her heart racing, and her face stretching into a smile. She started forward, practically running along the path, dragging him behind her as she bound eagerly toward a hiding spot.
 Draco pulled her to a stop a few minutes later, pushing her breathless body against a tree, kissing her deeply as she tried to catch her breath. She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling her heartbeat drumming in her chest, her legs burning from running so far, her throat burning with the intake of frigid air.
 Draco’s hands pushed her robes up, caressing her wool-covered thighs and rear. He pulled her tights and underwear down just far enough to grant him access, and turned her around, pressing her heaving chest into the tree.
 She could feel him rubbing the head of his erection along her bared ass cheek, and turned to look him in the eyes.
 “Please, Draco.” She moaned, playing his favorite game. He grinned at her, slipping his shaft between her legs and thrust slowly, pleasuring himself against her wetness and thighs without actually being inside her. He slid back, and she tilted her hips, making him slip right in as he thrust forward. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of him within her, the heat of his length filling her completely. He grabbed her hips, thrusting in and out gently a few times, letting her brace herself against the tree, before he picked up his pace, increasing in ferocity until she clung to the tree, her face pressed into the bark uncomfortably as he pushed against her.

 Draco could see the outline of her face in the dark, her barely-held-together expression, and his dick disappearing into her over and over again. He drove as hard as he could into her, making her let out a soft moan, and knew she was holding back.
 He pulled out of her, tugged her away from the tree, and pushed her slowly to the ground, following after her. He rolled her onto her back, watching her lusty expression as he lifted her legs, still trapped together by the stockings, and placed them over his shoulders, guiding himself back inside of her. He shifted to press down against her, his knees scraping the cold ground as he thrust, pushing farther and farther, changing the angle with every thrust, until her legs were nearly parallel with her body, and her eyes were squeezed tight, her voice filling the night air.
 “That’s what I like to hear.” He moaned, watching her face as she tensed, her expression pure ecstasy as she climaxed. He gave a few more deep thrusts, and pulled away once again, leaning back, and pulling her to sit up while she groaned in frustration.
 “I’m close, Granger, so be nice.” He said, standing to present himself to her, right at eye-level. She looked up at him, and licked her lips, her eyes darting back down to his cock. She took him in her mouth eagerly, lapping up the taste of herself. She moved her head back and forth, pleasuring him as he ran his fingers through her hair.
 “Touch yourself, Granger.” He directed, grinning appreciatively when she immediately slid a hand between her legs. “If you can come before I do, I’ll make you scream with bliss.” He promised.
Her eyebrows drew together with desire, and she moved her hand faster, determined to get the promised reward. He grinned down at her, and slid both hands into her hair.
 “Deep breath, Granger.” He ordered, waiting for her to comply, before pulling her onto him, using her mouth to get off. She gasped for air when he let her up, and looked up at him with pleading eyes. He grinned down at her, pulling her in again, and rocking his hips back and forth a few times, racing her to orgasm with her own throat. He kept at it, letting her up for air briefly, and rocking into her throat repetitively, setting a pace for her to beat.
 Her throat tightened around him with a moan, and he pulled away, letting her gasp for air as  she climaxed, keeping her face tilted upward to see her every tiny expression of pleasure. When she opened her eyes he pressed his cock back into her mouth, and thrust quickly to his own orgasm, pulling away slightly just before he came, letting her suck him gently to a finish. He stared down at her in awe, watching her give his twitching dick one last lick before closing her mouth and swallowing his cum.
 “You’re perfect.” He growled, falling to his knees, and kissing her roughly, pressing her back onto the forest floor again, and massaging her breasts through her robes. She closed her eyes in enjoyment as he rubbed her, gasping quietly when he pinched her nipple and pulled at it through her clothes. Draco slid her robes up, exposing more of her to the cold air, and kissing his way toward her navel, delaying briefly to nip at the same nipple he’d tugged, his teeth finding purchase with the cotton robes. Her back arched into him, and he slid a hand between her legs, touching her gently, teasing.
 He moved his mouth to her hips, licking at a bit of skin, and leaving it exposed to the chill air as he moved lower, torturing her with the cold, and his hot mouth. Her hands fisted in his hair as he placed a light kiss on the edge of her sex, before moving lower, kissing along her thigh as he pushed her stockings further down her legs, letting her thighs part for him to nestle between.
 He lapped at her wetness, running his tongue up and down her sensitive skin, watching her back arch, and hips tilt as he toyed with her. He brought his hand to meet his mouth, slipping the tip of one finger inside her as he pressed his tongue against her entrance. She moaned softly, her hips moving back and forth as she enjoyed herself.
 He slid the finger all the way in, slowly, lapping at the most sensitive bundle of nerves she had, and curling his digit, feeling for the perfect movement. His finger curled upward, and her hips jerked, making him grin against her skin. Perfect.
 He slowly slid a second finger in, quickening the pace of his tongue, and caressing the spot inside her that made her squirm. She moaned loudly, her voice unburdened by the fear of being caught, or self-consciousness. He moved his fingers in and out, keeping them bent at the perfect angle, going faster and faster with each stroke, licking and sucking at her with his mouth, and listening to her voice rise in pitch as she got closer and closer to another orgasm.
 She climaxed against him, shaking, and keening with delight, her hands pulling roughly at his hair, her hips bucking against his fingers. And still he kept going, pushing her past her orgasm, making her groan as he continued to work her over-sensitive flesh, and ignoring the needy squeeze of her legs as he pushed his fingers deeper, changing the pleasure, making her writhe all over again.

 By the time he pulled away, she was gasping for breath, and spasming with every gentle touch he placed on her thighs and stomach.
 “You got pretty loud, but you didn’t quite scream. Should I keep going?” He asked, teasing her spent body with gentle fingertips on her hips.
 “God, no, please. I think… I think I need a moment.” She gasped, trying to push herself into a sitting position, but deciding against it as her arms wobbled dangerously beneath her.
 “That’s fine. I’ll get the Sprites.” He said, grinning, and stood to go fetch the cage. She stared over at him, taking shaky breaths as he opened the cage door, and stuck his wand through the other side of the cage.
 “Accio Night Sprites.” He said clearly, and waited as glowing forms emerged from the trees. They drifted slowly into the cage, his charm carefully controlled so they weren’t injured. He counted them as they entered, his lips moving silently, his eyes trailing along each one.
 Hermione stared at him, amazed as he was lit with the glowing blue light from the creatures, and closed the cage, securing them inside. He walked back over to her, still lying on the ground, still bare to the cold.
 “Our hour’s probably up.” He said, crouching down beside her, and setting the cage next to her face. She looked up at his blue-lit expression, the sprites gently buzzing, the sounds of the forest slowly coming into focus as she regained her senses.
 “You look magical.” She whispered, staring up at the blue sparkling from his silver eyes.
 “Er, I am a wizard.” He said with a smirk, touching her cheek gently.
 “Not what I meant.” She said, slowly pushing herself into a sitting position, and wrapping her cloak around her exposed skin.
 “I think I know what you meant.” He said, his eyes looking at her with wonder. She looked into the pixies, feeling a stab of vanity. Did she look to him like he did to her? She hoped she did, because he was absolutely beautiful, lit by the tiny fluttering wisps of light.
He helped her to her feet, and she pulled up her knickers and tights, letting her robes fall over her bare skin, and enjoying the warmth of her clothes.
 “Can you walk, or will I be carrying you, as well?” Draco teased, picking up the cage of Sprites.
 “I think I’m fine.” Hermione replied, taking his hand, and letting him lead her from the forest, keeping her eyes on her feet, making sure she didn’t trip on anything.

 “Fall into a shrub, Granger?” Pansy’s voice was a harsh alert to her appearance, and she touched her bushy hair automatically. She could feel the prickly leaves and pine needles from laying on the ground. Luckily, it was too dark for anyone to see her blush.
 “Had a bit of trouble catching the Sprites.” Draco intoned dully, as though he hadn’t magicked them easily into the cage.
 “We didn’t have any. They seemed right happy to go in, didn’t they?” McLaggen boasted, and Hermione saw Ginny glaring at him.
 “Liar. I heard you shouting at them to cooperate, and ‘get back here’.” She sneered, tossing her red hair over her shoulder.
 “Can’t all be coddled by the giant, can we?” McLaggen shot back, making Ginny pull her wand.
 “Ginny, don’t!” Hermione stepped forward, reaching a hand across her friend to discourage any hexes. “He’s not worth another detention.” She said, glowering back at the boorish male.
 “Oh, not even if they’re as good as the one you’ve had?” Ginny whispered, smirking at her friend. Hermione blushed, and batted a hand at her hair, trying to knock the bits of forest free, guiltily.
 “Here, let me help.” Ginny offered, turning Hermione by the shoulders to pick at her hair in the dark, as Hagrid came around the edge of his hut, carrying a large crate.
 “Oh good, yer back,” he said with a smile, and looked at their full cage. “Good work! What happened to yer hair, Hermione?”
 “She fell trying to catch a few of the sprites.” Draco shrugged, and Hagrid gave him a strange look, but said nothing more about it.
 “Well, looks ter me like ye’ve all got yer sprites, and no one’s been hurt. I guess that’s bedtime fer ya then. Go on, an’ no more fightin’!” He bellowed after them as an afterthought, as they made their way as a group back to the castle, slowly separating into groups. Ginny and Draco stayed with Hermione, while Parkinson and McLaggen trailed ahead of them, gossiping about what Hermione suspected was herself and Malfoy. It seemed as though their detention together had brought out a common interest in their newfound hatred of the pair. Hermione grinned to herself, wondering how long it would take Cormac to get as grabby with Pansy as he’d been with her. But the way he inched closer, she doubted it would be terribly long.
Mudblood Fever and Lingerie: Ch.24
(Alternate HP Universe, Voldemort failed to rise in book 4. It is now year 6, for our main characters.)
I do not own these characters, or the setting. They belong to J.K. Rowling. This is my imaginative twist of events.

Chapter 1: tophats-and-teacups.deviantart…

And with that, we're caught up. Hopefully I'll be done with the next chapter soon, so you won't have to wait.

Lighter Genie
I really like doing genies. I may do a whole collection. 
The brushed metal look on the lighter was easier to do that I thought it would be. Not entirely happy with the eyes, but it's close enough. This was a wonderful deviation from my norm at only 5 or so layers, instead of the usual 15-20. It also only took me about two hours, part of which was spent watching Dredd. :3
 Just putting up a new one so the old one isn't on my profile anymore...
  • Listening to: typing breathing and driving cars
  • Reading: what I'm typing
  • Watching: my fingers type


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